I. GOVERNANCE – Building the Board’s capacity to lead and govern through proven modes, practices and policies, including, but not limited to:


  • Recruitment and Orientation of Directors

  • Board Leadership (duties, responsibilities, accountability)

  • Committee Structure (activation, training, responsibilities)

  • Financial Management Oversight

  • Fund Development and Income Planning

  • Fund Development Training

  • Succession Planning (executive and board)


II. MANAGEMENT – Building the organization’s capacity through policies and practices to fulfill its mission, vision and goals, including, but not limited to:
  • Organization Assessment 2.0

  • Leadership Development and Training (team building, coaching, performance management, excluding conferences)

  • Financial Management/Budgeting

  • Technology Planning

  • Annual Planning

  • Strategic Planning

  • Marketing and Branding Planning

  • CRM Planning

  • Website Upgrade



III. PROFESSIONAL FACILITATION – Support in organization planning for:


  • Collaboration Projects

  • Joint Venture Projects

  • Restructuring

  • Merger

  • Dissolution




  • General Operating Support

  • Office Equipment or Furnishings

  • Construction/Rehabilitation of Facilities, Emergency Repairs

  • Payroll Needs, Debt Liquidation, Routine Financial Audits

  • General Program Planning, Program Evaluation

  • Community Needs Assessments

  • Attendance at Professional Conferences

  • Expenses Associated with Capital Campaigns, such as Feasibility Studies

  • Independent Contractors Performing Staff Functions, such as Implementation of Development Plans, Fundraising, Grant Writing

Organizational Alternative 

Professional facilitation of organization’s planning for:
  • Merger
  • Restructuring
  • Joint Venture Project
  • Partnership/Collaboration
  • Dissolution

Consultant Policy 

A written agreement from the consultant detailing the services to be performed, along with the fee schedule, should be attached to the application. The consultant's work plan should describe activities to be undertaken and expected outcomes. Applications will not be funded without such material being submitted prior to a recommendation by the Fund Advisor. The review committee will decline an application listing a current Board Director as the consultant, or one where a Director resigns from the Board to become a contractor or a consultant for the applicant organization. As a matter of policy, the Fund does not recommend or endorse any particular technical assistance provider.

Repeat Applications

In order for a nonprofit organization to submit another application to the Fund, all commitments from the previous award must be completed that includes the evaluation and final report/product from the previous grant awarded.