There are three (3) grant cycles for 2022:


First time applicants must first create an organizational profile before receiving access to the grant application. Not to be confused with the application itself, the profile provides necessary general information about your agency that is not contained in the grant application. For questions regarding the grant process or proposal development, please contact Eloiza Altoro, Fund Advisor, at .

All applications will be reviewed by the Fund Advisor, and a committee composed of the funding partners within 30 days of application submission to make grant decisions. Applicants will be contacted for clarification when needed. 

The Fund Advisor  does not provide consultation or other contract services to organizations that are eligible to apply to the Nonprofit Management Fund.


Review eligibility and the policies and guidelines for application requirements and limitations. 


Note: As of July 1, 2022, the Nonprofit Management Fund (NMF) will be using a new online application system. You will need to create a new individual account and connect to an existing organization if the organization has applied or received a grant from the Nonprofit Management Fund in the past. If you are an organization that has never applied for an NMF grant, you will need to create a new organizational profile in addition to an online account. Please contact if you have any questions or require technical assistance.  

Prior to Submitting an Application

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March 1-11

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July 5-15

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November 1-11

The following items should be submitted with your online application
  1. Completed list of your Board of Directors, including name, address, phone, affiliation.

  2. Budget for current fiscal year

  3. Background information on the technical assistance provider and consultant's work-plan describing activities to be implemented and expected outcomes

  4. Audited financial statement for last fiscal year, or, if unavailable, last year-end income and expense statement signed by your Treasurer.

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