In 1997, after its first three years of grant making, the Fund's sponsoring Committee requested that the Fund Advisors conduct a brief feasibility study of key issues and themes that many nonprofits were facing. Six topics were identified and studied by the Fund Advisors who reviewed the Fund's grant making experience, interviewed selected nonprofit leaders, contacted donors in other communities, and facilitated several Committee discussions.

That year, four topics eventually emerged and warranted a greater investment by the Fund.

  • Social entrepreneurship, particularly within a larger context of diversifying income sources for area organizations.

  • Boards of Directors and their essential role in creating and sustaining effective nonprofit organizations.

  • Effective assessment and diagnosis of both challenges and opportunities for nonprofit organizations. 

  • Technology adaptation and use among nonprofits.

These topic areas became initiatives of the Fund with the ultimate goal of creating and providing ongoing assets for the community. Over time, the Fund has continued to incubate ideas and connect nonprofit leaders and nonprofit organizations using this approach.


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