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The Nonprofit Management Fund and Portland State University are partnering to create a skilled cadre of organizational assessors. Successful program completion earns a University certificate in nonprofit organizational assessment as part of the accelerated training.

This initiative is sponsored by a Milwaukee-Portland collaboration of experienced funders, practitioners, and academics specializing in nonprofit management. The partners include The Nonprofit Management Fund, Management Cornerstones, Murn & Associates LLC, BDP & Associates, and Portland State University’s Institute for Nonprofit Management; with support from the Marquette University Trinity Fellows and PSU Hatfield School of Government Center for Public Service. 

The goal of this initiative is to advance the practice of organizational assessment for the purpose of empowering nonprofits to understand their organizational strengths and limitations. Through the assessment, the consultant identifies strategies to assist in the advancement of the nonprofit. Another goal is to offer the funding community a credible means of viewing the organization’s capacity beyond program funding requests. 

NCAP Partner Consultant Listing

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