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Housing Resources, Inc.

The technical assistance underwritten by the Nonprofit Management Fund enebled Housing Resorces, Inc. to create a new fundraising event for our 20th Anniversary in September/October, 2011; Create an Open House announcing the partnership with Neighborhood Works...

Legacy Redevelopment Corporation

For Legacy Redevelopment Corporation, the strategic planning process was invaluable to focus staff on realistic milestones that the organization could achieve.

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Centro Legal

Topic: Success Stories
 Centro Legal significantly increased staff productivity and reduced technology costs. Through the installation of seven new computers, and with the assistance of an IT consultant, they established uniform software and systems configurations, moved their email hosting offsite, and rewired their network. In addition, sensitive client data is now appropriately stored and safeguarded with back-up systems. An important lesson learned for the organization was understanding the value of investing appropriately in technology rather than trying to make due with outdated and patchwork systems.