ENTECH Assists Nonprofits with Technology

ENTECH, formerly the Technology Initiative of the Nonprofit Management Fund, is dedicated to providing a variety of technology services to nonprofit organizations in Milwaukee, Washington, Ozaukee, and Waukesha counties. ENTECH is now a program of the Helen Bader Institute for Nonprofit Management at UW-Milwaukee.

Nonprofit Management Fund of Waukesha County

Apply for grants in Waukesha County and learn about the Strategic Alliance Fund.

Interested in receiving funding to improve your organization's management or governance capabilities to become more effective and efficient?

Centro Legal

Centro Legal significantly increased staff productivity and reduced technology costs.

Plowshare Center

[The consultant] quickly and easily built rapport with Board members. By attending Board meetings and committee meetings, meeting with officers, and attending Plowshare's educational outreach events, [the consultant] developed a deep understanding of our mission, our strengths, and our challenges. We were blessed to have had this opportunity.